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Entrance/reception areas


These areas are the gateway to a person’s home and should not be clinical, but they are also a working space, so the choice of décor can have a real impact on how people see it. With visitors coming and going, sometimes taking their relatives out and bringing them home again, there is regular foot traffic as well as wheelchairs and walking frames, making a durable, slip-resistant floor a necessity.

Altro Wood Comfort combines a natural, residential look with durability and safety. It offers 14dB impact sound reduction, helping keep the noise down in these busy areas, and its 12 wood-look options start the feel of home at the door. Altro Wood Comfort offers sustained slip resistance for the lifetime of the floor and reduces the risk of a slip to one in a million.

With visitors and staff arriving and leaving on a daily basis, not forgetting the night shift, putting this area of out action for long can be a problem. When this is the case, Altro Wood adhesive-free can halve installation time. It is possible to lay, weld and walk on the same day - and no adhesive means no associated odors that may disturb residents and staff. Its variety of wood-look shades offer the same design benefits as Altro Wood Comfort, as well as slip-resistance.


Whether coming in for the first time, signing-in for a regular visit or waiting to see a loved one, you will notice the walls – the chances are that they are the main feature of the space. What this area looks like will help form a view of the facility as a whole.

Altro Whiterock Digiclad wall cladding allows you to incorporate natural, biophilic images, residents enjoying activities, or a company insignia with the design freedom to suit your care home. Durable and scratch-resistant, the design will retain its looks, and can be cleaned with a simple wipe.

Corridors to bedrooms


As residents try to sleep or recuperate, it is no surprise that noise reduction is needed here. When a resident steps outside of their bedroom, this corridor is the first thing they see, so it should extend the look and feel of home that is on their side of the door.

Altro Wood Comfort reduces impact sound by 14dB which limits noise from footsteps and other traffic in the space, plus the room below. It offers sustained slip resistance for the lifetime of the floor and reduces the risk of a slip to one in a million. The additional benefit of comfort underfoot makes the journey to and from the bedroom easier on feet.


Altro Whiterock Satins is available in multiple shades, making it easy to coordinate with the flooring and other décor. It can be used to color code entire corridors to aid with wayfinding, or use different shades within the same space to signpost a resident’s door. Its satin finish means there are no glossy surfaces that reflect, potentially confusing residents with sight impairment or dementia. As you would expect from Altro Whiterock, it is impact-resistant, stain-resistant and wipe-clean.

Corridors from reception to general circulation/dining/staff areas


While these spaces get you from A to B, they are also part of a home, like a hallway; somewhere residents and staff may stop to chat, but also a space for rehabilitation, used by residents to exercise. The look needs to be homely and welcoming but the practicalities demand durability and slip resistance. For these spaces, we recommend ranges such as Altro Wood Comfort and Altro Orchestra.



One thing that makes an area feel unwelcoming is poorly maintained, dirty, chipped walls. Once again, we recommend Altro Whiterock Matte for its durability and lightly textured surface that can mask surface damage from sudden impact.

Corridors leading to service areas and laundries/storage/sluice rooms/kitchens


This is a working area that will see regular spillages and will require regular cleaning. Easy maintenance is key so that staff can clean those spills quickly and get back to their current task. There is a high chance that some spills will go unnoticed, so slip resistance is imperative in these environments.

Altro Reliance 25 combines cleanability and stain resistance to keep these corridors looking good for the long haul, and reduces the risk of a slip to one in a million. At 2.5mm thick, it is tough enough to cope with rolling carts and standing equipment. With multiple shades to choose from, there is no need to compromise on looks.

As with any 24-hour operation, access to these areas is important. Altro XpressLay is an adhesive-free floor that can reduce disruption by halving installation time and, as with all Altro adhesive-free floors, can be installed over existing flooring or on fresh concrete.


Dense, impervious and resistant to bumps, Altro Whiterock Matte provides crucial durability in these settings, and its lightly textured surface helps to camouflage scrapes and surface damage that can result from sudden impact.