Wet environments

Wet environments

High school swim meets, hot showers after a workout, physical therapy in the hospital pool and a toddler splashing about.  All of these areas have one thing in common; water.  When water is around the potential for slips and falls can rise exponentially. Provide your patrons with underfoot safety and yourself with peace of mind when you've installed Altro safety flooring.

With two flooring options to choose from you can tailor your Altro flooring installation to the needs of your facility.  Altro Aquarius, an award winning flooring innovation, is great for areas that receive both barefoot and shoe traffic while Altro Marine 20's unique, studded textured is best when used in barefoot only scenarios.

Combine Altro safety flooring with Altro Whiterock or Atro Whiterock Chameleon to create a complete solution for wet environments.  Flooring and wall panels engineered to seamlessly integrate for areas in which cleanability, hygiene and waterproof sealing are essential.  Together they form an impervious solution that has become the industry standard for wet environments.

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