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WELL certification

Launched in 2014, the WELL Building Standard™ is the world’s first building certification that focuses exclusively on human health and wellness.

WELL is a “human-centered” approach to building design based on seven years’ worth of scientific, medical and architectural research. It provides architects and designers with guidelines on how to make a real and measurable difference to how we function within urban spaces. WELL notes different concepts to consider and fulfil in the overall scope of design including air quality, lighting, comfort, innovation and mental wellbeing. Depending on how many of the criteria within these concepts a project fulfils, there are three available certification levels available: Silver, Gold and Platinum.

Products cannot be WELL accredited

WELL requirements cover the performance of materials, not the performance of individual products or brands. The products specified for your design can only contribute to earning points required for WELL Certification – they do not earn points towards WELL Certification on their own.

How you can use Altro products to satisfy WELL performance criteria

Air quality 

Altro floors and walls have undergone rigorous external VOC testing and have low VOC emissions.

Our floors are compliant with national and internal indoor air quality standards including the following:
  • FloorScore, the indoor air quality standard used with Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) in North America. FloorScore® certified products meet the indoor emission criteria of the LEED® Green Building Rating System.
  • The seal M1, indicating the lowest emission class of the voluntary Finnish emissions classification of building materials. Due to changes in our supply chains and by constantly measuring VOC emissions from our floors, this has been achieved.

Hygienic food preparation area

  • Help promote healthy eating through optimum kitchen design with our HACCP-approved hygienic floor and wall systems for commercial kitchens.
  • If you are involved in food or beverage production and storage, our specialized, inherently hygienic floor and wall systems deliver the innovative and practical design solutions to accommodate your needs.


  • Optimize the amount of visible and usable light reflected from illuminated surfaces with Altro floors and walls.
  • Create ideal interior combinations using Light Reflectance Values (LRVs) to meet FGI and similar safety guidelines with our fit-for-purpose ranges.


  • We are proud of our award-winning world firsts in the floor and wall cladding industry:
    • Altro invented safety flooring, adhesive-free safety flooring, wood-look safety vinyl, shoe and barefoot safety vinyl, and have installed the world’s first in-house safety flooring recycling machine
    • Altro invented the hygienic wall cladding system
    • Altro invented safety vinyl ranges which are 100% recyclable post-consumer
    • Altro was the first manufacturer to produce phthalate-free safety floors
  • We continue to lead the market in making vinyl floors that are free from orthro-phthalate plasticizers, and have been using a more renewable source of plasticizers since 2008 globally.
  • 100% of Altro safety flooring contains a bioplasticizer derived from corn/maize. We use plasticizers based on their natural raw materials (citric acid ester).
  • All Altro vinyl floors are CE-compliant according to DIN EN 14041:2004/AC:2006 (German Institute for Standardization).

Mental wellbeing

  • As you support employees and provide them with continuing education, create the right environment for efficient training and learning with our biophilic ranges.
  • Incorporate zoning into your designs with our floors and walls to create break-out areas for your staff to use as meeting space or recreationally.
  • Don’t forget the importance of color, pattern, designs and texture when creating modern workspaces – visualize your options now!
    • Take advantage of our new Insta-space software, which lets you upload your own photo and view a digital demo of our solutions applied in your workspace.
    • Use our Space Visualizer to view our products applied in a variety of preexisting rooms and settings.


  • Promote the welfare of your staff and patrons by creating a positive, peaceful indoor environment.
  • Specify our acoustic and impact sound reduction floors to reduce noise transference both between rooms and stories in your buildings.
  • For comfort underfoot, choose one of our specialized comfort floors, which help prevent musculoskeletal disorders while benefiting overall productivity.
  • For thermal comfort, you can specify either our traditional adhered or adhesive-free floors for use with underfloor heating systems.