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We continually question conventional thinking and invest in innovation

"New synthetic substances - steel, concrete, glass - are actively superseding the traditional raw materials of construction."

- Walter Gropius

What makes a building become a space that works for those working and living within is how construction materials are used. In the same way we recognize and embrace the opportunities that new technology gives us, architects use new materials to improve the design and function of buildings. For us, this means a focus on wellbeing through hygiene, acoustics, cleanability, color, reduced downtime, recyclability and any other way we can achieve a better experience for our end users and customers. From here, we develop the materials, technology, guidance, working practices and customer service to do that.

To help question the norm and assess where we can make effective changes, we engage with industry experts to look at emerging trends, sector issues and market variances. We seek opportunities to work with industry bodies to get as much insight into end user needs as possible. There’s no point working within a bubble.

The Bauhaus saw architecture and craftsmanship as a yardstick of society, and we are proud to make a difference in this way.