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EPDs and HPDs

Transparency in manufacturing

Our products are continually being improved to increase their performance and reduce their impact on the environment.  As new research and technology becomes available we learn better ways to design our products and improve the way we do things.

Altro’s EPDs and HPDs provide transparency about our products and their impact on the environment. Altro supports transparency in manufacturing and can provide documentation if the need for it arises. Discover EPDs and HPDs for our products.


Altro supports the EPD initiative and has Product Specific Type III EPDs for the majority of our sheet vinyl flooring products including our sheet goods and our LVT Altro Lavencia. An EPD is also available for our Altro Whiterock Wall Cladding.

See below and click on the links to download the EPD of the product you are interested in.




The purpose behind the Health Product Declaration is to provide a public statement of product content and the health hazards associated with exposure to its individual ingredients. It is intended to represent a way to gain greater transparency into the ingredients that make up building products and assess which of those are potentially harmful to people. 


Please use the link below to request a copy of any of the following HPDs:

Altro standard safety flooring
Altro Walkway 20, Altro Reliance 25, Altro Symphonia, Altro Aquarius, Altro XpressLay HPD
Altro Orchestra, Altro Operetta, Altro Serenade, Altro Wood, Altro Wood Acoustic, Altro Wood Comfort, Altro Zodiac Smooth, Altro Cantata and Altro Wood adhesive-free HPD
Altro Tungsten HPD


Please use the links below to download a copy of the HPDs

Altro W157 Water Based Acrylic Adhesive
Altro W-165 Tape Adhesion Promoter
Altrofix SD70 Adhesive
Altrofix W39 Polyurethane Based Walls Adhesive - Part A
Altrofix W39 Polyurethane Based Walls Adhesive - Part B
EcoFix 20E Acrylic Flooring Adhesive
EcoFix 25E Pressure Sensitive Adhesive