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Sustainability is about so much more than just environmental issues. Sustainability encompasses both social and economic dimensions as well as environmental responsibility. Our sustainability program is a holistic approach to managing sustainability issues, considering our impact on all three aspects of sustainability and not just the environment.

As a manufacturer of floor and wall products, we are able to help projects achieve credits in LEED® categories of Material & Resources and Indoor Environmental Quality. To learn how each of our products can help you with LEED credits, click the document below:

The following are the LEED credits we contribute to:

Interiors Life-Cycle Impact Reduction NEW
Altro adhesive-free flooring products and Altro Wall panels installed with Velcro® hook and loop fasteners may qualify for this LEED credit. These products when installed per Altro’s installation guidelines can contribute to this credit as they are demountable and reusable.
MR Credit: Design for Flexibility and Disassembly,Option 3, 1 point

EPD (Environmental Product Declaration)
An Environmental Product Declaration or EPD® provides relevant, verified, and comparable information about the environmental impact of a product. Altro supports the EPD initiative and has Product Specific Type III EPDs for the majority of our sheet vinyl flooring products including our sheet goods and our LVT Altro Lavencia. An EPD is also available for our Altro Whiterock wall cladding.
MR Credit: Building product disclosure and optimization - Environmental product declarations Option 1, 1 point

HPD (Health Product Declaration)
The HPD is a public statement of a product’s content and the health hazards associated with exposure to its individual ingredients. It is intended to represent a way to gain greater transparency into the ingredients that make up building products. Altro has an HPD for all of our safety flooring products and is available by request.
MR Credit: Building product disclosure and optimization - Material ingredients Option 1 - HPD, 1 point

Recycled content
Altro includes post-consumer recycled content into the majority of our safety flooring products. By doing so, we divert more than 900 tons of glass from landfill each year. Altro is also the first manufacturer to recycle safety flooring in-house. By including this pre-consumer content into some of our products we divert more than 500 tons of vinyl factory waste each year.
MR Credit: Building product disclosure and optimization - Sourcing of raw materials Option 2 Leadership Extraction Practices, 1 point

Bio-based content
We have removed all phthalates from our safety flooring products and have replaced them with rapidly renewable, bio-based ingredients - plasticizers. The source of this ingredient comes from maize and sugar beets both responsibly grown in Europe!
MR Credit: Building product disclosure and optimization - Sourcing of raw materials Option 2 Leadership Extraction Practices 1 point

Low emitting materials
Many of our floors, walls and adhesive products are low VOC emitting, FloorScore certified, and are in compliance with the CA 01350 standard and the CDPH Standard Method.
EQ Credit: Low emitting materials complies with CDPH Standard Method v1.1, 1 poin

LEED form by product:


Altro Aquarius Altro Orchestra Altro Wood adhesive-free
Altro Atlas 40 Altro Promenade Altro Wood Acoustic
Altro Cantata Altro Quartz Tile Altro Wood Comfort
Altro Classic 25 Altro Reliance 25 Altro Xpresslay
Altro Dolce Essentials Altro Serenade Altro Zodiac Smooth
Altro Dolce Tile Altro Stronghold 30
Altro Lavencia Altro Suprema
Altro Marine 20 Altro Symphonia
Altro Melodico Smooth Altro Tungsten
Altro Ollero Altro Walkway 20
Altro Operetta Altro Wood

Wall cladding 

Altro Whiterock Altro Whiterock wall designs
Altro Whiterock Matte Altro Puraguard 
Altro Whiterock PopArt Altro Tegulis
Altro Whiterock Chameleon


Ecofix 20 Ecofix 25
Altrofix 30 Altrofix 31
Altrofix SD70 Altrofix W39
Altrofix W157 W 165 Tape Adhesive

For more information about LEED® please consult the USGBC website