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As a manufacturer of floor and wall products, we are able to help projects achieve credits in LEED® categories of Material & Resources and Indoor Environmental Quality.  Whether you are using LEED v4 or LEED 2009, Altro products contribute to both rating systems. To learn how each of our products can help you with LEED credits, click the document below:

Altro Aquarius Altro Orchestra Altro Wood adhesive-free
Altro Atlas 40 Altro Quartz Tile Altro Wood Acoustic
Altro Cantata Altro Reliance 25 Altro Wood Comfort
Altro Classic 25 Altro Serenade Altro Xpresslay
Altro Dolce Essentials Altro Stronghold 30 Altro Zodiac Smooth
Altro Dolce Tile Altro Suprema
Altro Lavencia Altro Symphonia
Altro Marine 20 Altro Tungsten
Altro Melodico Smooth Altro Walkway 20
Altro Operetta Altro Wood


Altro Whiterock Altro Whiterock Chameleon
Altro Whiterock Matte Altro Whiterock wall designs
Altro Whiterock PopArt Altro Puraguard 



Ecofix 20 Ecofix 25
Altrofix 30 Altrofix 31
Altrofix SD70 Altrofix W39
Altrofix W157 W 165 Tape Adhesive

For more information about LEED® please consult the USGBC website