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Altro's Sustainability Promise


Sustainability quick links

Sustainability is about so much more than just environmental issues. Sustainability encompasses both social and economic dimensions as well as environmental responsibility. This is known as the three pillars of sustainability or ‘the Triple Bottom Line.’

We recognize that the three pillars of sustainable development – social, economic and environmental – are closely interdependent. For a product to be truly sustainable it must meet the needs of all three aspects.  Our sustainability program is a holistic approach to managing sustainability issues, considering our impact on all three aspects of sustainability and not just the environment.

Attributes such as underfoot safety, hygiene, ease of maintenance, durability or even aesthetics all work in synergy with the  environmental, social, and economic performance of a product. For example, our safety flooring requires no waxes or polishes to  maintain, thereby providing a smaller environmental impact, a lower economic cost and more positive impact with the people in the building.

Creating economic value

Altro creates and adds value to the marketplace with unique, long lasting, purpose driven floor and wall products, which reduce the risk of injury or illness and improve the environment of the facilities in which they are installed. Our products are designed to last and require less maintenance than competing materials. They continue to provide value long after their installation.

With Altro, you’ll find a partner that has the expertise and experience to deliver a complete solution. Below are some of the ways we do this:

• Site visits
• Experienced and well trained staff
• Information on legislation & litigation
• Industry specific literature & diagrams
• Case studies, reference sites & testimonials
• On & off site technical assistance
• Installation quality audit
• Local warehousing & quick delivery
• Cleaning & maintenance literature & instruction
• Competitively long warranties

Valuing our environment

Altro is dedicated to ensuring that our products and processes minimize environmental impact at every stage and has taken a rigorous approach to achieving our environmental objectives and goals. Our strategies are to reduce consumption of resources, reduce emissions, reduce waste, improve our product formulation, and increase recycling. We apply numerous sustainable practices across our global organization and we are recognized as an environmental leader in the vinyl industry.

While we have taken great strides towards creating a sustainable business, we recognize sustainability is an ongoing effort and continue to make improvements to our products and how we operate. Sustainability isn’t just a word for us; it is a core philosophy that is at the heart of everything we do. At Altro we believe that what is essential for the secure future of our planet is essential for the secure future of all today’s businesses.

Valuing people

Being a responsible employer and exerting a positive influence on the people and markets in which we operate.

We are a family run business and that impacts how we treat one another. ‘Valuing our customers, valuing each other’ is the Altro mission statement and is a part of decision making throughout the organization.

Successful enterprise requires that all businesses practice Corporate Social  Responsibility (CSR). In industry, this is about taking responsibility for the physical and environmental well-being of people and as a result, the reputation and financial well-being of our customers’ businesses.

At Altro we employ CSR and aim to make a lasting difference by helping to create more prosperous and healthy communities throughout the world.

Resource efficiency


  • Since 2014, we achieved a zero factory waste to landfill policy.
  • By including post-consumer & pre-consumer recycled content into our products, Altro is able to divert 900 tons of glass (wine bottles) and 500 tons of vinyl destined for landfills every year.


  • Rain water capture systems have been installed on the roof of our manufacturing plant to reduce our use of potable water in our production process.
  • We have achieved a 99% reduction in water consumption in our manufacturing process since 2000.


  • Energy efficiency is a key factor in product development and the manufacturing process. We have made significant carbon savings with our energy efficiency program in the last five years including a 7.2% reduction in energy consumption between 2007 and 2009 and a further 4% reduction in 2011.


  • All Altro safety flooring is wrapped using 100% recyclable packaging.