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A commitment to sustainability and quality

“The greatest responsibility of the planner and architect, I believe, is the protection and development of our habitat."

- Walter Gropius

Focusing on economic benefits when planning buildings is no longer enough. Walter Gropius spoke about environmental impact a century ago, but it’s taking the world a long time to catch up.

Architects and manufacturers are increasingly under pressure to deliver a sustainable solution. Will what is planned and built today make a positive contribution to the future of our world? Are the methods and materials that are processed artificially sustainable and safe? Are we restricted aesthetically by the need for sustainable materials and practices?

At Altro, we have always focused on quality. First and foremost, of course, in the production of our floors and walls. We use the highest quality raw materials from regularly monitored sources, and manufacture in compliance with the highest quality standards. We also offer some of the longest guarantees in the industry – and we guarantee our safety floors to maintain their slip resistance throughout their lifetime. Despite continuous development, as a third-generation family business we are proud that our industrial production has never become a faceless, fully automated assembly line production.

"When we talk about sustainability in architecture, besides the processes involved in manufacturing and transporting the materials, one has to keep in mind: How long is this product usable? You cannot use a product that has a short lifespan - this is the worst thing you can do in terms of sustainability,” says Andrew Marshall, Associate Director, 3DReid architecture practice.

Our commitment goes beyond production; it extends to our customers who work daily with our materials on countless construction sites worldwide. We design our products to make installation as simple as possible. Altro offers floors and walls installation training, online support and telephone as well as on-site support where needed. We also co-founded Recofloor, the vinyl take-back program that has helped our customers divert over 4,300 tons of vinyl flooring from landfill, and Recowall, a recycling scheme for wall sheets.

“As a designer, when putting something into a building I would like to know I am putting something in that comes from a company that acts responsibly. Particularly in interior design we are looking to put more and more sustainable materials in, whether it may be on floors and walls, it is becoming more and more important,” Chris Radcliffe states.

For more information about our sustainability practices, visit the corresponding page of our website.