Extremely durable and impact resistant, Altro wall panels provide a practical and decorative protection for walls. Our expanding line of wall products now includes;

Altro Whiterock     Altro Whiterock Chameleon   Altro Whiterock wall designs swatchAltro Whiterock DigicladAltro Whiterock Whiteboard   Altro Whiterock Imagination Wall swatch  Altro Purguard
Altro Whiterock Recessed Shower UnitAltro Whiterock Corners

Being impermeable, it can be used practically anywhere. Showers, kitchens and healthcare facilities in particular benefit from the watertight, seamless, wipe clean surface that the system provides. Unlike a tiled surface there is no grout involved, so dirt and bacteria have nowhere to hide -- helping to create an extremely hygienic environment. Also, water can’t seep through to the substrate behind – a problem that can cause major structural damage to any building.

An investment in Altro walling will provide a long term solution for low life cycle costs, less cleaning and fewer repairs.