Altro Whiterock Corners

Altro Whiterock Corners are prefabricated with a consistent 2.5mm thickness, offering impact and chemical resistance for highly sensitive interior walls in cleanroom or pharmaceutical applications. Altro Whiterock Corners feature a 2-inch radius that facilitates efficient particle flow, a key aspect for sensitive processing areas including compounding pharmacies and pharmaceutical manufacturing. 

Due to the complex nature of this installation, specially trained installers must be utilized.  Please consult your local sales and technical representative extensively with all pharma and cleanroom applications.

We are not able to sample this product. If you would like to request a sample of Altro Whiterock in Standard White, please do so below. This is the material that is used to form the corners.



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Key benefits

  • Prefabricated 2” radius corners for excellent particle flow
  • Meets ISO Class 5 cleanroom standards
  • Impact and chemical resistant
  • Extremely hygienic
  • Available in a 3 way internal and external variation with 2” radius
  • 90 degree bends available upon request
  • Altro Whiterock standard white
  • Meets Class A fire and smoke requirements, tested to CAN/ULC - S102.2
  • Compatible with cleanrooms ISO Class 5 and above
  • Full contact adhesive offering no bacteria growth behind walls

Typical applications

  • Clean rooms
  • Central sterilization
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • Compounding pharmacies
  • Chemical compounding facilities
  • Laboratories
  • Food and beverage manufacturing
  • Medical quarantine areas
  • Morgue 

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  • Ortho-phthalate-free
  • Emits low VOCs 
  • May help contribute to LEED v4 and LEED 2009
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