Transport flooring

Altro transport flooring has been satisfying the diverse needs of commuters and day trippers in buses and on rails for decades. Our products are backed by compliance with the latest international regulations and deliver comfort, safety and design. We have exciting designs and colors that will help create the ‘wow factor’ and set the right mood. Investing in an Altro transport flooring product is an investment in a complete system - a full range of accessories, including adhesives, color coordinated weld rods and sealants, nosings, trims and moldings is available.

Altro transport flooring is specially engineered for the requirements and demands of transit interiors. Our specialist solutions utilize a unique combination of quartz aggregate, aluminum oxide and silicon carbide -- with a multi-layered fiber reinforcement for controlled stability.

Slip and fall accidents cost the transportation industry millions of dollars each year.  Protect your passengers and avoid litigation with the sustained slip resistance inherent in all Altro transport flooring solutions. We are committed to helping you select the right floor for your transportation project and we can even create customized turn-key kits for easy installation.


We have been supplying high-quality transport flooring for the global transport market for many years, creating and supplying innovative products to operators, original equipment manufacturers, transport designers and refurbishers all over the world.

We know how important it is for the bus and coach industry to meet international demands for greater product innovation and affordable public transport. Our flooring solutions not only give you design freedom, but also deliver sustained slip resistance to help protect your passengers in both wet and dry conditions.

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Around the world, rail is vital in helping countries to develop their economies and mobilize the population. This has led to more investment in high speed rail, improved metro systems and more efficient suburban rail. In every case, compliance to mandatory safety regulations is absolutely paramount, so Altro transport flooring is engineered to meet the specific technical requirements of the sectors wide variety of vehicles. However, beyond practicality, we also understand what passengers expect in terms of comfort, modernity and, above all, experience, so our diverse solutions are created meet these expectations as well.

Altro Transflor Momentum

Conact your Altro representative for more information on using Altro Transflor Stronghold and Altro Transflor Aquarius in applications like kitchens, serveries, showers and the like.