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W165 Tape Adhesion Promoter

For increasing the adhesion strength of double-sided tape during Altro Whiterock installation. W165 Tape Adhesion Promoter (W165) acts as a primer for double-sided tape. Apply this adhesion promoter to areas on the substrate at all locations where tape will be used to obtain a stronger bond. Do not use this as an all over primer. Use only where double-sided tape will be applied.

The W165 can also be used under Altro XpressLay and Altro Cantata installations where double sided tape is placed on the substrate. W165 is an adhesion promoter to enhance the double sided tapes bond to the substrate. Again, this primer is only used under the tape.

Please find specific product data below. For our full range of technical information visit our technical documents section. For any further questions please call our Customer Care Center at 800.377.5597.

Altro W165 Tape Adhesion Promoter datasheet