Adhesive-free flooring

Adhesive-free flooring brochureWith our slip-resistant sheet, smooth sheet and LVT options your installation becomes simple, quick and effective.

We realize not every business can sustain a long shutdown to install new floors. Our adhesive free flooring was created with speed in mind, capable of being installed and walked on within 24 hours. Altro XpressLay and Altro Cantata form a duo of adhesive-free sheet flooring, providing a slip-resistant and smooth option, respectively. Utilizing a tape-down method, the two can accommodate wide ranges of area types and environments. 

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Selecting the right type of flooring

Slip resistance? Heavy traffic? Or just aesthetics? While Altro Xpresslay, Altro Cantata and Altro Lavencia Click make great flooring options, the three serve different purposes—consider the below options when deciding which of our adhesive-free floors suits your area type. 

Do you need to meet slip resistance standards?

Altro Xpresslay meets and exceeds safety standards. It reduces the risk of slips and falls. It is a practical and durable adhesive-free flooring option.

Are contaminants present?

Areas that commonly see spillages of water and other contaminants must take care when selecting flooring.  We recommend slip-resistant Altro XpressLay in these areas.

Caution for high contaminant areas

Areas such as commercial kitchens and showers which contain contaminants such as oils, soaps, grease or constant spillages of water require safety flooring.  We recommend Altro safety flooring that meets R12 or R11 levels of slip resistance for these areas.
Altro Xpresslay

Is it in a hygienic/sanitary area?

Areas that would benefit from the enhanced hygiene that comes with heat welded seams and flash coving may find Altro XpressLay and Altro Cantata more suitable than LVT.

Does it have high traffic or rolling loads?

Areas that receive constant pedestrian foot traffic and heavy rolling loads like hospitals, corridors and public buildings may be more suited to sheet vinyl installations over LVT.
Altro Xpresslay + Altro Cantata

Are aesthetics top priority?

The decorative, soft-look shades of Altro Cantata will enable you to set the desired tone in your interiors without looking too industrial.

Is being very easy-to-clean a must?

The smoother surface of Altro Cantata makes the product extremely easy to clean.
Altro Cantata


Altro Xpresslay + Altro Cantata adhesive-free flooring

For product specifc details, available colors, resources, and more:
Discover the Altro Xpresslay product page and Altro Cantata product page.

Fit, tape, weld

Most resilient floors require you to wait a minimum of 24 hours before heat-welding and 72 hours before it can receive heavy traffic.  With Altro Cantata and Altro XpressLay, you don’t have to wait for adhesives to cure.  Just install, weld and walk on the same day. You can plan builds in stages without being held up by drying times.

Damp problem?
Not anymore!

The specially formulated studded underside emboss allows both Altro Cantata and Altro XpressLay to sit off the subfloor, allowing the floor to breathe, resulting in any moisture dissipating.

Fresh slab? No problem!Altro Cantata + Altro Xpresslay

The revolutionary underside emboss means that Altro XpressLay and Altro Cantata can be used on fresh concrete subfloors up to 97% relative humidity (RH).  There is no need to wait for new concrete to reach 90% RH, allowing you to install flooring quickly and easily without having to wait for the substrate to dry. In some instances, Altro XpressLay and Altro Cantata can be installed on floors that are between 7 - 10 days old.

Odor free

No glue means no adhesive odors – perfect in environments with many people living and working, and where shutting down shop or installing noisy extractor fans are simply not an option. 

Less downtime

With Altro XpressLay and Altro Cantata, surface damp proof membranes and adhesives are a thing of the past and your installation can be up and ready in half the time of a traditional adhered sheet floor, letting you get back to business with minimal interruption to your schedule.

Install over existing flooring

Altro adhesive-free flooring can be installed over existing intact substrates without applying adhesive. This can save you thousands in expensive flooring removal and asbestos abatement. 

Heavy rolling loads

Altro adhesive-free flooring holds effectively. In fact, it has been tested with a 1,975lbs (900kg) drilling rig with caterpillar tracks. A patient on a hospital bed, utility carts, or heavy equipment  is no problem at all!

Adhesive-free sheet flooring holds as effectively as Altro glue-down sheet flooring; no rucks, no movement. They achieve optimum installation results and conformity to our 10 year warranty!

Remove, reuse, recycle

Altro XpressLay and Altro Cantata are 100% recyclable post-consumer and can be re-used in other installations. We have numerous success stories of repurposing large format installations in which the floor is installed temporarily, lifted and used again in another temporary installation or permanently installed in local schools, shelters and soup kitchens. At the end of the floorings’ lives, both Altro XpressLay and Altro Cantata can be removed quickly and reused or recycled; there’s no flooring covered with adhesive and bits of substrate to deal with.

Access all areas

As Altro XpressLay and Altro Cantata are not stuck down, it means you can easily lift up the flooring to access the subfloor – handy in cases of localized flooding or issues with the substrate. Also, any damage to the flooring itself can be quickly rectified. Just cut the flooring that needs replacing, patch the damage and install the new flooring.