Smooth floors

Smooth flooring

Smooth flooring from Altro gives you what you want - an economical and attractive look that’s easy to install and maintain.

Altro smooth flooring has had a significant makeover. Featuring smooth sheet, vinyl tile, quartz tile and LVT looks that offer versatile, flexible designs that are easy to maintain and install. Most of our smooth color palette has been hand selected to coordinate and contrast with our wall cladding, safety flooring and slip resistant flooring ranges.

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Better together

It’s true, smooth flooring is a smart choice but in commercial areas with frequent spillages and hygiene and durability concerns, it’s best to let our robust collection of safety flooring and hygienic wall cladding join the team. Install smooth flooring in the dining room and public areas, bring safety flooring and hygienic wall cladding into the kitchen, bar and restrooms. You will rest easy knowing your patrons will have an exquisite experience while the most dangerous areas in your facility are well equipped to handle the tolls of the day.

We strongly recommend carrying out a risk assessment in any area in which the installation of smooth flooring is considered, focusing on the potential risk posed by contaminants.