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Bus flooring solutions

photograph of Altro safety bus flooring


To address the broad range of vehicles that operate in the global bus industry, Altro has created a variety of products and and solutions that can be flexibly used regardless of a vehicle's size, shape or intended use. Considering all aspects of installation, appearance, performance and maintenance, we can support manufacturers and operators to achieve the best results for their particular requirements.

Nosings and trims

Our range of nosings and trims are ideal for emphasising high risk areas to passengers. Providing a distinct contrast in color for maximum visibility, stair nosings also protect floors from daily wear.


Using our precision kit-cutting technology, we are able to create detailed signage and logos that can be inlaid into your vehicle floors. These can be installed in a variety of application areas throughout your vehicle, ensuring passengers are visually informed of specific on-board features or even your company branding.

Contrasting colors

The varied color palettes employed across our established ranges allow you to be creative in the design of your interiors. Using different combinations to complement each other, or create a bold contrast, is a great way to distinguish your fleet and raise passenger perception of your brand. Contrasting colors are also an effective means of highlighting designated zones on board.


Heat welded joints and seams provide an impervious barrier that protects vehicle subfloors from the potentially damaging ingress of water and dirt. Altro can supply a wide range of weldrods that can be color matched to our flooring products, used in contrast or as subtle accent colors.

Flooring kits

Altro's cutting services aim to make installations as simple and time efficient as possible. Created from vehicul floor plans, flooring sections are supplied to exact dimensions to reduce manual processes and limit any potential waste.


Developed to enhance installation efficiencies, self-adhesive flooring offers a range of benefits. Available as both rolls and pre-cut kits, self-adhesive floors are ideal for installation projects with challenging time constraints.

Check how your favorite product would look in use with our space visualiser.