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Slips and falls

Slips and falls are a serious issue for both care givers and residents in a senior living community:
  • Falls account for 25% of all injuries among seniors 65 years and some regions, as high as 50%.
  • One third of community-dwelling seniors experience one fall each year and half of those will fall more than once.
  • Among seniors, 20% of deaths related to injury can be traced back to a fall.
  • One in every three serious bone injuries in seniors results in death within one year of the incident.

Slip resistance

Falls occur when body movement shifts the body off the center of balance.
  • Slips: too little friction between footwear and walking surface.
  • Safety + slip resistant flooring, from Altro, delivers slip resistance values well above ADA and OSHA standards. Unlike other safety floors, our slip resistant aggregate is found throughout the thickness of the floor, ensuring slip resistance for the life of the product.
  • Trips: foot collides with an object. Any unevenness greater than an eighth of an inch is a tripping hazard to a shuffling resident.
Our flooring has varying degrees of slip resistance to ensure that safety flooring installed allows for this shuffling movement while still allowing for increased traction or grip
between the foot (shoe sole or barefoot), cane, crutch, walker or wheelchair and the floor surface.