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Shower room
FGI Guidelines state that the slip resistance ratings of flooring surfaces shall be appropriate for the areas of use, especially important for wet environments. It also states that slip resistant flooring products shall be used for surfaces in bathing areas and wet areas.

What’s more, you must consider the types of foot traffic in these areas. In modern senior living facilities, both barefoot and sole shoed traffic is to be expected; therefore the flooring specified should work well for both.

Altro Aquarius, an award-winning safety flooring innovation, is great for areas that receive both barefoot and shoe traffic. Its unique texture affords slip resistant SCoF ratings of .88 Dry and 1.03 Wet, allowing for maximum traction regardless of the type of traffic.


  • Accommodate barefeet and shoe traffic
  • Contaminants like water, soap and conditioners are always present - slip-resistant is important.
  • Cleanability and hygiene

FGI Guidelines

  • Slip-resistant flooring must be used in bathing areas.
  • Floor and wall bases shall be constructed of materials that are not affected by germicidal cleaning solutions.
  • Floor and wall bases must have sealed joints.
  • Coved flooring must be continuous and sealed to the wall without voids.
  • Flush transition between bathroom floor and shower.
  • Floor must slope toward drain.