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Senior living facility residential kitchen
In spaces where the kitchen and dining area share the same room, or if residents have a lounge area with sinks and appliances, less industrial-looking, but still slip-resistant flooring
is necessary.

Our Altro Wood provides quality slip resistance to protect from accidental slips resulting from spilled water, can provide comfort underfoot and resembles real wood, giving a homey, domestic feel to any dining area.

If wood is not the desired look, we have many shades, from bright to neutral, to match the space’s vision.


  • Cleanability and hygiene
  • Contaminants may be present

FGI Guidelines

  • Floors in areas used for food preparation and assembly shall be water-resistant
  • Floor surfaces, including tile joints, shall be resistant to food acids
  • Floor construction in dietary and food preparation areas shall be free of spaces that can harbor pests. All joints shall be sealed
  • Slip-resistant flooring products shall be used throughout kitchens, including wet areas