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Heavy duty commercial kitchen
In environments where wet and greasy are typical floor conditions, slip and fall accidents can be both common and costly. It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure the safety of all
those sharing the space.

A safe kitchen begins with the floor. Installing safety flooring can make slip and fall accidents one of the kitchen’s least concerns. Altro Stronghold 30 is built for busy, industrial kitchens, and reduces the risk of a slip and fall to one in a million.

While a chipped or damaged wall may not look concerning, bacteria can harbor in its cracks. Durable, non-absorbent and easy-to-clean walls are necessary to protect against mold and germs.


  • Foot traffic
  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Carts and other rolling loads
  • Comfort underfoot

FGI Guidelines

  • Floors in areas used for food preparation and assembly shall be water-resistant.
  • Floor surfaces, including tile joints, shall be resistant to food acids.
  • Floor construction in dietary and food preparation areas shall be free of spaces that can harbor pests. All joints shall be sealed.
  • Slip-resistant flooring products shall be used throughout kitchens, including wet areas.
  • Walls shall be non-absorbent, smooth, easily cleaned, and light in color.
  • Walls adjacent to cooking equipment shall have sealed surfaces that are cleanable and made of non-combustible materials.