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Entrance area
First impressions count – as well as welcoming the guests, these high traffic areas take abuse from everything from walking aids to rolling carts. As the main entrance to the facility, floors in this area must be able to cope with high amounts traffic as well as dirt and moisture being tracked in from the street.

An effective dirt barrier, such as a large entry mat, should be considered in the specification stage which will greatly reduce dirt trafficked into the area. Test your mat in an inconspicuous area before using.


  • High traffic durability
  • Water and snow brought in from shoes
  • Colors to help hide dirt
  • Home-like environment

FGI Guidelines

  • Flooring surfaces shall allow for ease of ambulation and self-propulsion.
  • Flooring surfaces shall allow easy movement of all wheeled equipment used in the facility.
  • Flooring surfaces shall be stable, firm and slip-resistant.