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Flooring and walls play a key role in creating attractive, welcoming environments. In senior living facilities, flooring and walling must be more than just pleasant to look at. They must provide a safe, stable and durable foundation that can handle the health needs of aging and disabled residents.

Whether the facility is independent living, assisted living, skilled nursing or a CCRC, the choice of flooring and walling is critical because you need to minimize the risks to the health and safety of your residents and staff. Facilities that care for seniors and have residents with physical disabilities have even more reason to pay special attention to the properties of the material installed.

Modern design trends in senior living address the following goals:

  • Providing unique amenities
  • Overcoming the misconceptions of senior housing
  • Enabling seniors to age in place
  • Providing memory care services
  • Integrating seniors into the larger community
  • Creating home-like settings
  • Introducing hospitality design concepts
  • Optimizing resident privacy and dignity
  • Expanding individual choice
  • Using technology to enhance senior living
  • Seeking more sustainable environments