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Happy employee walking into office
  • For additional noise reduction, our acoustic underlayments can be added to any flooring.
  • Our flooring has high static load limits and resists indentation. Altro flooring + wall cladding can sustain cleaning temperatures up to 140ºF; viruses are killed at 132.8ºF – US National Library of Medicine. In order to get rid of viruses from hard surfaces, the ability to spray, steam or power clean is vital and more hygienic than adding addition detergents.
  • Dirt and microorganisms sit on the surface of Altro flooring and wall cladding rather than penetrating, unlike carpet, tile grout and other porous surfaces.
  • Fully bonded and watertight flooring and wall cladding prevents moisture from getting to the substrate and prevents microorganisms, bacteria and pests.
  • Heat-welded seams in both flooring and wall cladding create a smooth monolithic join, reducing the occurrence of harboring microorganisms.
  • Durable floor + wall products with long warranties mean you won’t wear through them and detergents won’t corrode the surface with proper cleaning and disinfecting protocols.
  • Our wall cladding is highly impact-resistant, protecting the substrate from damage and staff from unhygienic bacteria traps.
  • Our recommended products for workplace design are simple to keep clean: they’re easy to wipe, steam or even power wash.
  • Tried and trusted partner - we’ve been pioneers in the healthcare industry and our products are installed in the strictest of hygienic and critical care locations like Operating Rooms, Sterilization Rooms, Cleanrooms and Laboratories.