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You may well currently have carpet or carpet tiles installed, paint on the walls and tiles both on your walls and floors.

Let’s take a close look at these surfaces with post COVID-19 recommendations.

Carpet / Carpet Tile
 Made from absorbent materials that trap dust, dirt + more
 Daily vacuuming will not kill viruses or bacteria
 Wet, detergent-based cleaning is not performed often enough
 Detergents can lead to over-wetting and foster mold + odors
 Long dry time after wet cleaning
 Good acoustics + underfoot comfort
 Home-like aesthetic

Tiles can crack and shatter
Grout is hard to clean
Detergents damage grout
Damaged tile and grout harbors microorganisms
Poor acoustics + underfoot comfort
Home-like aesthetic

Paint is only microns thick and easily chipped
Sheetrock substrate is porous and easily damaged
Wet cleaning + detergents remove paint each time
COVID-19 virus lives up to 72 hours on paint (W.H.O.)
Frequent detergent cleaning is necessary to kill viruses
Many colors to choose from 
Traditional office surfaces