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Return to workplace post COVID-19

Now more than ever, employees need assurance that their work environment promotes both their physical and mental wellbeing. As we start to return to offices, a review of your current building layout, furniture, and finishes should become top priority.

Recent developments have shifted workplace trends so that cleanliness and hygiene sit firmly at the forefront of office design, with the majority of employers trading home-like aesthetics for more commercial interior solutions that prioritize the safety of their staff, customers and guests. These solutions include surfaces capable of satisfying necessary hygienic requirements while maintaining their appearance and performance for long-term value.

Altro offers a wide variety of practical design options that allow you to create environments that help keep employees safe. Our sheet flooring and wall cladding ranges provide a hygienic alternative to traditional carpeting, tile and panel products, combining extreme durability with heat-welded seams to prevent evasive dirt and bacteria accumulation. This ensures a truly thorough cleaning and the ability to endure frequent maintenance without surface damage over time, a necessity in today’s workspaces.
Employees in office