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Altro Whiterock in a cleanroom
Altro’s wall cladding products are durable, hygienic and easy to clean surface can help you meet demanding regulatory requirements, maximize your production time, and ultimately increase your speed to market — with no surprises along the way.

Once installed, Altro wall panels are heat welded together using a color matched vinyl weldrod.  This process creates a smooth, seamless surface that is easy to clean and ensures no place for contaminants to grow.

Altro Whiterock is a semi-rigid PVCu sheet that provides continuously smooth, impact-resistant wall protection without gaps or grout. It is well suited for areas in which hygiene and cleanability are a top priority. 

Altro Whiterock panels are capable of being heat formed and bent around corners, pipes and other extrusions. This eliminates the threat of bacteria hiding in accessories, cracks, gaps and inadequate seam treatments that are common with other wall products.

Altro Whiterock FR-U is a pressed laminate CPVC panel specifically manufactured for interior wall cladding applications in, but not limited to pharmaceutical products and medical device production facilities where FM approved materials are required.

The Altro Whiterock FR-U panel is a durable material manufactured to withstand sporicidal cleaners as well as harsh chemical cleaning agents. Once the panels are heat-welded together, it becomes a seamless configuration.

For more info contact your local Altro sales representative or call 800.377.5597.