Altro invented hygienic wall systems back in 1982. Since then, we’ve gone from strength to strength to bring you even more choice in one fully integrated system.  Altro Whiterock is not just a PVC sheet. It incorporates wall panels, preformed internal and external corners, accessories, adhesives and more — all designed for perfect compatibility.

Altro Whiterock hygienic PVC wall systems are durable, hygienic coverings for internal walls. They are designed for environments that need to meet tough hygienic standards. While we have seen tremendous success with this product for over thirty years in many sectors like wet environments, healthcare and commercial kitchens, the appeal of our fully integrated system is much broader for clean industrial markets.

Altro Whiterock’s smooth, durable, hygienic, and easy-to-clean surface can help you meet demanding regulatory requirements, maximize your production time, and ultimately increase your speed to market — with no surprises along the way. As it meets ISO Class 2 and above cleanroom requirements, Altro Whiterock can be installed in even the most stringently controlled environments.


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All our hygienic wall products are formed from the same 2.5mm premium PVCu sheet. To request a 6x9 sample of Altro Whiterock click here.

When the sample selector opens you will notice that there are many colors or Altro Whiterock available however, white is usually standard in these types of installations. Feel free to sample any color you are interested in. 

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Preformed accessories for pharmaceutical installations

We understand that bringing a drug to market is a long, expensive process, and every day saved is extremely valuable. To help with installation time, we offer a variety of preformed accessory pieces to ensure a fast and successful installation.  We offer both preformed ceiling to wall corner accessories that are available in a three-way internal and external variation using a 2” radius. For corner pieces, we also offer both 90° external corners and R-shaped internal bends as well.
External corner
External corner
Three way corner
Three way corner

Sanitary sealant
R shaped
R shaped

Choosing Altro Whiterock for clean industry

Interior finishes such as wall sheets, are under close scrutiny in these application areas. Federal regulation requires that finishes must be smooth, non-pourous, non-shedding, easy to clean and resistant to chemicals and staining. They must be installed seamlessly to prevents cracks, gaps and fissures.

Your business is to develop and deliver safe and effective pharmaceuticals to the marketplace. Our business is to provide you with durable, hygienic interior finishes that will support your work. Whether you are producing active pharmaceutical ingredients or finished pharmaceuticals, Altro Whiterock is the walling solution for your facility.

Altro Whiterock’s smooth, durable, hygienic and easy to clean surface can help you meet demanding regulatory requirements, maximize your production time, and ultimately increase your speed to market — with no surprises along the way.

Once installed, Altro Whiterock wall panels are heat welded together using a color matched vinyl weldrod. This process creates a smooth, seamless surface that is easy to clean and ensures no place for contaminants to grow.

Industry trend: Moving away from epoxy surfaces

A single spider crack or a chip in epoxy paint can cause a potential for a costly shutdown of pharmaceutical facilities. More and more facilities are switching away from epoxy resins for their walls and moving towards more robust wall protection.

Consider this, with carts and other equipment moving around, what is actually protecting your walls? In epoxy installations your walls are protected by a thin coating of paint. A coating that can be thinner in some spots than others. This offers little in the way of wall protection and means your walls are only as strong as drywall.
Altro Whiterock is made of a consistent 2.5mm thick durable PVCu and is backed by a full contact adhesive. This provides impressive amounts of impact resistance and durability. Unlike epoxy, it will not chip, flake or crack, which is particularly important in new construction as settling occurs.

The superior construction of Altro Whiterock wall protection affords significant advantages over traditional epoxy coatings.
  • Faster installation time
  • Consistent 2.5mm thickness
  • Impressive impact resistance
  • Will not develop hairline cracks
  • 20-year warranty vs. 1 year for most epoxy systems

Cleaning and maintenance

Cleaning documents:
Altro Whiterock cleaning and maintenance PDF
Sterile area cleaning guide PDF

Hygienic areas are consistently exposed to very aggressive chemicals. Antiseptics and industrial cleaners can damage or stain surfaces, particularly if not used correctly. Altro Whiterock hygienic wall cladding is manufactured with virgin grade polymers, resulting in a PVC that provides high chemical resistance, maintaining the product’s appearance, as well as hygiene.

Recommended cleaners
To meet demanding regulatory requirements, pharmaceuticals require a well-planned program to disinfect a variety of surfaces in order to maintain microbial control. As part of this program, facilities must use a multitude
of different cleaning and disinfecting chemicals at various dilution rates.

We have conducted extensive testing on some on the most commonly used cleaners and disinfectants provided by Steris Corporation. These are listed below. Altro Whiterock has been proven to work well with these chemicals.
  • Spor-Klenz®
  • Vesphene® IIse
  • LpH® se
  • CIP 200®
Samples were tested with these Steris cleaners at various dilution rates with water. The drying process of these chemicals typically takes 10 minutes, however, in these tests, the sample exposure was obtained by full immersion in the chemical for seven days. These extreme measures were taken to represent a worst case scenario. In all scenarios, with all chemicals, Altro Whiterock performed extremely well.

Initial cleaning
Once all panels and joints are installed, remove the protective film and clean all surfaces down with an anti-static solution or anti-static wipes. This is required as the panel may have static build up and any dust in the atmosphere will adhere to the surface of the panel.

Regular cleaning
  • Altro Whiterock can be cleaned with a diluted soap/detergent solution, such as Altro Whiterock PVC wall cleaner (for stubborn stains) or AltroClean 44 (degreaser).
  • When cleaning Altro Whiterock’s surface, we recommend the temperature of water does not exceed 140˚F (60˚C).•
  • Pressure cleaning with hot water may be used with the pressure nozzle, a minimum of 2 feet (600mm) away from the surface.
  • To reduce the buildup of static, regularly cleaning the panels with an anti-static solution or anti-static wipes is recommended.
  • Some cleaning agents may adversely affect Altro Whiterock. See Altro’s chemical resistance chart for reactions to common chemicals on pages 7-8.
  • Do not use materials containing abrasives or solvents.

Stain and chemical resistance

Altro Whiterock hygienic wall caldding, and it's integrated systems of details and accessories is extremely stain and chemical resistant.  Our system has been tested both in-house and by third party agencies to determine its resistance to common stains. 

View the stain and chemical resistance chart PDF

Altro Whiterock stain and chemical resistance chart