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Information, updates and resources for the safe handling of hazardous drugs

In March of 2014 the United States Pharmacopeial Convention proposed new general chapter referred to as USP 800. This new chapter applies to all personnel that compound hazardous drug (HD) preparations, as well as all places where hazardous drugs are prepared, stored, transported and administered in order to protect healthcare workers, patients and the environment.

In the nearly two years since its initial publication in draft form, USP 800 has undergone periods of public comment and revision. Following these revisions, the chapter was approved and became effective for compounding and pharmaceutical facilities in 2019.

Due to provisions, USP 800 is being legally enforceable and may subject pharmacies to both state board and FDA inspections.

This means facilities must comply with the requirements of USP 800 or they risk being shut down until these standards are met.

Path to compliance

Whether you’re looking to build a cleanroom or a negative-pressure compounding area, Altro can help. Altro manufactures products that can help facilities achieve USP 800 compliance.

We offer a floor and wall solution that is seamless, non-shedding, and heat-weldable. Our solution offers the right amount of hygiene and performance and is well suited for USP regulated facilities.
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