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Altro floor and wall stain results
Floors and walls in clean facilities are constantly exposed to a barrage of aggressive chemicals.  Surfaces see everything from decontaminants to germicidal cleaners and disinfectants.  It is important your facility is furnished with materials that will stand up to these powerful agents.  

We have tested our floor and wall products against many of the commonly used chemicals: such as sodium hypochlorite, phenolic disinfectants, and germicidal cleaners like Preempt and Simple Green D.  
Even with this, it is still very important that maintenance teams are well educated on how to properly care for the floor and walls in a facility.  

Steps to reduce staining

  • Select interior finishes that incorporate enhanced stain defense technology, like Altro
  • Specify colors appropriate for the application area
  • Use manufacturer recommended cleaners
  • Train maintenance staff on proper care and cleaning procedures
  • Make critical staining areas in a darker color that can be pulled up and replaced if necessary
In areas subject to significant exposure, an additional stain resistant coating* can be applied on site, to greatly increase the floor’s resistance to chemicals.