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Consisting of lobbies, corridors, dining halls, fitness centers, spas and even pools, this category of spaces should reflect the hotel’s unique personality while providing a safe and hygienic environment. Where these are often the first spaces seen by guests, it is extremely important that they prioritize cleanliness and aesthetics. The increased foot traffic results in stringent cleaning regimes and a need for finishes that can resist wear and tear. Slip resistance, comfort underfoot and bacteria resistance are all design elements to consider in these areas.

Hotel lobbies provide an attractive, comfortable space for both work and socialization. Natural visuals and finishes work particularly well in this application to create a soothing, calm setting in which guests can unwind. Altro Lavencia LVT offers a wide variety of these finishes with impressive durability that can endure heavy foot traffic without compromising its appearance. Combine this range with Altro Whiterock wall designs decorative wall cladding for a complete interior solution.

When considering flooring for widespread use throughout corridors, noise reduction and the ability to withstand constant foot traffic as well as rolling loads are essential. Designed with integrated sound insulation properties, Altro Orchestra offers noise reduction of up to 15dB with low residual indentation, making it ideal for corridors and circulation areas. Coordinating walls should be impact-resistant to avoid cracking or chipping from carts and luggage.

Similar to other public spaces, dining areas should balance aesthetics and durability in their design. Easily cleanable products are valuable in these environments to counteract food and beverage spills, promoting hygiene and deterring slip and fall accidents. Altro Symphonia smooth flooring and Altro Lavencia LVT provide low-maintenance solutions with sufficient slip resistance for these applications.

Hotel fitness centers are intended primarily for casual workouts involving cardio exercises and light to moderate weight training. In these rooms, flooring products with ample comfort underfoot and noise reduction properties are the preferred choice. Foam-backed ranges with integrated sound insulation including Altro Wood Comfort and Altro Orchestra are ideal in active environments as well as spa areas that prioritize a quiet, soothing experience. For areas with more advanced workout gear, Altro Walkway 20 boasts lasting durability as well as additional slip resistance to optimize safety.

The safety of both guests and staff alike is the highest priority when designing hotel pools. Flooring specified for these areas should provide ample slip resistance, as guests spend a majority of their time walking across slick surfaces barefoot. Altro Aquarius was developed for lasting performance in poolside settings, achieving a high slip resistance value for barefoot use. This range is also easy to clean and maintain, making it a hygienic option that prevents bacteria accumulation.