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The primary goal of any guest room is to resemble a “home away from home” as closely as possible so that patrons are encouraged to return for multiple stays. Noise reduction as well as familiar aesthetics have grown to play a significant role in determining whether guests will consider a particular hotel beyond their initial visit.  Materials with integrated acoustic benefits as well as a residential feel are preferred for these applications.

Altro Wood Acoustic and its thicker counterpart, Altro Wood Comfort, provide impressive sound insulation of up to 19dB, ensuring peace and privacy between rooms. Both of these ranges share coordinating shades as well, allowing for a consistent design that can adapt to the specific needs of each area.

Hygiene is the top priority when designing guest bathrooms. Though ceramic tiles are a common option in these areas, they are susceptible to cracking and chipping, while porous grout can harbor harmful bacteria immune to routine maintenance.

Products with smooth, consistent surfaces such as Altro Orchestra and Altro Serenade offer improved durability and are easier to clean efficiently. Their heat-welded seams create a watertight seal that prevents moisture from escaping below the surface and compromising guests’ safety.