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Commercial kitchen flooring and wall panels

Commercial kitchens

Altro offers the most hygienic, safe and cost effective floor and wall finishes for both back and front of house installation areas.

With over 50 years of experience in the food & beverage sector, Altro's floor and wall finishes have been designed to meet the rigorous demands of modern commercial kitchens. From dishwashing areas to industrial kettles and even walk-in freezers, Altro has the products, accessories and knowledge to create a total kitchen solution. We offer a range of products and accessories specifically designed for commercial kitchen applications of any size.

FDA Guidelines state the floor and wall finishes must be durable, easy to clean and non-absorbent. Quarry tile is four times more absorbent than Altro. Portland cement grout joints are extremely porous and quickly become a breeding ground for bacteria. Altro is the premium flooring choice for demanding environments. The unique patented construction of flexible, high grade, resilient vinyl with slip resistant grains throughout ensures a durable, long wearing, safe surface -- that remains slip resistant even when wet and greasy.

Altro safety flooring combined with Altro Puraguard wall system creates the only hygienic wall and floor system in the industry. This system is seamless, water-tight and completely impervious. It prevents water (and subsequently mold) from floor to ceiling and offers easy maintenance, excellent cleanability and excellent resistance to staining.

Suggested products

Altro Classic 25 - Light, medium and heavy duty kitchens
Altro Stronghold 30 - Medium, heavy, extreme duty kitchens, freezers, coolers
Altro Atlas 40 - heavy, extreme duty kitchens, industrial processing
Altro Puraguard - All area types


Slips, trips and falls are a big kitchen problem

A recent insurance report cites that slips, trips, and falls by patrons and staff are by far the most prevalent claims suffered by full-service restaurants. Help protect from injury and litigation by installing flooring solutions that reduce the risk of slips & falls.
  • Altro safety flooring products offer slip resistant values well above ADA and OSHA guidelines and retain their slip resistance even when wet.
  • Altro offers a variety of floor products to meet the needs of kitchens, big and small.
  • Pressure created from walking on Altro flooring causes slip resistant particles to brush against the sole of the shoe creating friction.
  • Unlike other floors with topically applied slip resistant particles, Altro’s safety flooring technology, with aggregate throughout, is designed to maintain its slip resistance throughout the life of the product.
  • Altro products meet Class 1/A fire and smoke standards, most FRP does not.
  • The average slip, trip and fall incident typically generates $40,000 in worker’s compensation costs as well as 11 days of absence.
  • High risk slip, trip and fall industries include construction, public administration and food service.

Stainless steel walls and heat deflector plates

Altro offers stainless steel panels for behind cooking lines. For equipment with excessive heat, floor heat deflector plates are also available.

Walk-in coolers and freezers

Altro high performance safety flooring may be installed in new or existing freezers and coolers.

Altro Stronghold 30 may be installed in freezers that chill down to -22°F (-30°C). Our other ranges are suitable in temperatures at -4oF (-20oC) or above.

Drains and cleanouts

In new construction or when replacing drains during renovations, clamping ring style drains should be utilized, similar to what is shown below. This style drain facilitates a watertight transition with our flooring.

For existing drains and cleanouts, Altro recommends strainers and tops to be modified in the field by the flooring installer to create a clamping style transition.

Cleaning and maintenance

Commercial kitchens are some of the toughest areas to clean and maintain. Constantly subjected to grease, oil, and other staining foods & chemicals, kitchens require their own specific cleaning regimes.

The slip resistance, hygienic performance and long term durability of any floor is impacted by the chemicals and techniques you use to clean it.

Over sixty years of experience in commercial food service facilities has helped Altro develop cleaning techniques and cleaning products specifically designed for commercial kitchens.

Altro flooring can be cleaned by hand, with scrubbing machines and even power washed. No matter which method is employed, consistent utilization of these protocols will result in a long- lasting, safe and hygienic kitchen floor.

Commercial kitchens maintenance guide


Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point

HACCP is an international system for food safety management. HACCP requires a risk assessment for every food preparation area identifying “critical points” where food safety hazards could arise. 

Hazards include:
  • contamination by staff or poorly maintained fittings or equipment
  • chemical, physical or allergenic risks, caused by ingredients, handling, equipment or fittings, including floors and walls
You can reduce hazard risk and keep inspections to a minimum by selecting Altro flooring and wall cladding, which are all approved by HACCP International.

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