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Cute puppies at doggy daycare
Selecting the most effective flooring surface is the foundation of designing pet-friendly interiors. Sharp nails, shedding and the occasional “accident” can negatively affect multiple flooring types. Simultaneously, your selection should offer plenty of comfort underfoot to both your patrons and their animals. The following are pet-friendly priorities to consider for commercial flooring.
  • Durability – Broken and chipped tiles can be a potential health hazard for pets in multiple ways. Rigid, uneven surfaces painfully dig into paws, while harmful bacteria can evade cleaners and flourish within cracks. It is important to choose flooring with proven durability that can withstand constant heavy foot traffic, from multiple animals, and heavy rolling equipment loads without damage or surface erosion. 
  • Slip resistance – Pets need to have the proper traction underfoot to avoid tripping and falling. Solutions with a slip-resistant or embossed surface finish allow them to properly grip the ground beneath them while their owners travel safely. 
  • Stain and moisture resistance – If flooring is susceptible to staining and moisture, the evidence can linger for years to come. Surfaces with any exposure to pets should be impervious to liquid penetration and resistant to surface staining. 
  • Comfort – While polished concrete is an easy fix, it is unforgiving and uncomfortable for pets. Older animals in particular benefit from additional padding compensating for leg support lost with age. Pets can appreciate the underfoot comfort that comes with thicker flooring solutions. 
  • Maintenance – Low-maintenance flooring is ideal for areas subject to shedding, spills and accidents. Impervious surfaces are easy to clean and prevent hair and dander from being trapped below the surface.