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Dog doing hydrotherapy
Just like humans recovering from a surgical procedure, dogs also benefit from post-operative rehabilitation. A growing trend in modern veterinary medicine is the use of hydrotherapy on dogs.

After the initial period of rest is completed, hydrotherapy can be one of the best forms of recovery. Buoyancy helps to decrease pain and minimizes the weight placed on joints and muscles. Hydrostatic pressure reduces edema, general soreness 
and swelling of post-operative areas. It also creates phasic stimuli to the sensory skin receptors, causing a decrease in hypersensitivity. This reduction in pain perception allows pets to move with greater confidence.

These areas highly prioritize slip resistance similar to any other wet environment. We recommend the use Altro Aquarius safety flooring for these areas. This product was developed for lasting performance in wet and dry environments, shoes or barefoot. This 2mm safety floor has been extensively tested on a variety of shoe types (and bare feet) to ensure peak performance.

Combining Altro Aquarius flooring with Altro Whiterock provides a hygienic, watertight seal from floor-to-ceiling that prevents water ingress while allowing for thorough cleaning and disinfecting between patient sessions. 

Key considerations:
  • Safety flooring with high level of slip resistance
  • Waterproof seams to prevent moisture ingress
  • Flash cove flooring 6” up walls
  • Hygienic wall cladding