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Diagnostic area at veterinary clinic
Diagnostic Imaging units consist of x-ray, ultrasound, CT scan and MRI rooms used for radiology screening. Equipment associated with these spaces can drastically vary in weight, especially in the case of MRI machines that utilize multiple large magnets totaling thousands of pounds. Flooring solutions specified for these units should prioritize high indentation resistance to ensure that they are capable of coping with extreme weight.

When specifying flooring for use in diagnostic imaging units, it is important to be mindful of the material’s composition. Materials containing ferrous metals - those primarily composed of iron - are attracted to any form of magnetic pull. These include aggregates that can be blended into certain types of flooring that regardless of size, can distort an MRI image and complicate diagnostics. Altro flooring is free of any ferrous metals and use aluminum oxide aggregates, making them safe in areas with highly sensitive equipment. 

We also offer durable, high-performance static dissipative flooring for rooms where vets keep/use enhanced imaging equipment. Altro Walkway 20SD is a static-dissipative option to reduce damage risk to sensitive equipment in computer rooms and laboratories.

Key considerations:
  • High indentation resistance, handle extremely heavy equipment without damage
  • Materials free of ferrous metals