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Traffic from patrons of all sizes and species presents a unique situation when selecting interior finishes for veterinary care. Broken and chipped tiles can painfully dig into feet with a single misstep, while harmful bacteria can evade cleaners and flourish within cracked areas, eventually finding its way into your pet’s paws. Surfaces with thick layers of wax or polish can be the equivalent of an ice rink to anything walking on four legs. Your furry friends need commercial durability that can handle traffic from shoes and claws, seamless finishes to enhance hygiene and superior cleanability.

Altro slip-resistant flooring is a top choice for veterinary care – providing pets with an ample grip while their owners travel safely. Its seamless, heat-welded installation prevents bacteria and contaminants from hiding below the surface, keeping your facility fresh and clean.
Older animals in particular benefit from additional padding to compensate for leg support lost with age. Combine Altro slip-resistant flooring with our thicker smooth flooring for a safe, comfortable interior solution. In addition to underfoot comfort, these products also offer additional sound insulation in multi-level facilities and busy areas.
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