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Temporary and modular healthcare floors + walls

A solution in times of need, Altro adhesive-free flooring and Altro wall coverings guarantee a quick installation without compromising on safety, durability or hygiene.

Our adhesive-free flooring was created with time-sensitive projects in mind. Capable of being installed and walked on immediately, this allows construction crews to complete the installation overnight as opposed to using traditional adhesives that require 72 hours to cure. This is ideal when building temporary units in a time of crisis.

With both smooth and slip-resistant sheet flooring options available, your ultra-fast, adhesive-free installation still comes with the safety, hygiene, durability, and peace of mind you expect from Altro.

Adding walls to your temporary or modular healthcare build

Hygiene-critical areas
If your installation needs to be fully-encapsulated, or hygienically-sealed, we recommend pairing our adhesive-free floors with Altro Whiterock hygienic wall cladding system or Altro Whiterock Matte.

High-traffic, non-hygienic areas
If hygienic sealing is not essential, protect walls against abuse from high-traffic with the Altro Puraguard wall protection system. This is a lower-cost and faster wall installation for adjacent areas.
Altro floor and wall in a modular healthcare build