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Recommended Flooring And Wall Products For Operating Rooms

Altro Symphonia is our top flooring product for operating rooms.  Altro Symphonia is a 2mm sheet vinyl floor covering that blends the benefits of a smooth, easy-to-clean floor with the subtle slip resistance Altro is well known for.  The high resistance to indentation and point loading coupled with an easy cleanability make it a perfect fit for operating rooms.  This product meets ISO Class 4 Cleanroom standards and complies with USP 797/800 regulations.
Altro Reliance 25 is a 2.5mm thick, heavy duty, slip resistant sheet vinyl offers excellent durability, stain resistance, and slip resistance.  We recommend this product for ORs performing surgeries where slip resistance is important.
Altro Operetta is an excellent choice for ORs where stain and chemical resistance is a top concern.  Altro Operetta’s smooth surface profile and construction make it inherently easy to clean and stain resistant.  This product meets ISO Class 4 Cleanroom standards and complies with USP 797/800 regulations.
Altro Cantata is an adhesive-free sheet vinyl flooring that is installed using a tape system. The unique construction of the product combined with the tape technology allow for an extremely fast installation.  No more waiting for adhesive to cure, with Altro Cantata the product can be installed and walked on immediately. This makes it excellent for OR renovations where minimal downtime is required.
Altro Whiterock is a 2.5mm thick PVCu wall panel system that provides excellent hygiene and durability to any environment. It’s smooth, durable and easy to clean surface can ensure that your facilities meet even the most demanding regulatory requirements.  This product meets ISO Class 2 cleanroom requirements and complies with USP 797/800 regulations.
Altro Whiterock Whiteboard combines the durability and hygiene of our wall panels with the versality of a dry erase board.  Available in any Altro Whiterock color, this product installs just like Altro Whiterock and can be a perfect addition to any surgical suite. 
Altro Whiterock Digiclad offers the ability to produce custom high quality, lifelike images that include all the hygienic and functional attributes of Altro Whiterock.