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Operating Rooms Guidelines

Meeting the mark - How do Altro products stand up to guidelines?

Engineering our products to perform well in the most demanding of situations means your installation is durable, long-lasting and meets industry standards.

American Institute of Architects
  • Floor/wall should be free of fissures, open joints, crevices that may retain or permit the passage of dirt and particles.
  • Seamless floor/wall finishes should be used to ensure cleanliness and minimize risk of healthcare acquired infections (HAIs).
2018 FGI Guidelines
  • Flooring shall be cleanable and wear-resistant.
  • Slip-resistance level of floor shall be appropriate for the area of use.
  • High gloss/reflective surfaces shall be avoided.
  • Operating rooms shall have floor and wall base assemblies that are monolithic and have integral coved wall base up the wall a minimum of 6 inches.
  • Flooring shall be unaffected by wet cleaning, germicidal, and other types of cleaning solutions.
  • Walls shall be washable.
  • Walls shall be free of fissures, open joints or crevices.
  • Walls shall be monolithic or have sealed seams that are tight and smooth.
Additional considerations
  • Indentation resistance – minimum 1,000 psi.
  • Bacteria resistant surfaces – without the addition of anti-microbials.
  • Stain resistance to chemicals used in procedures, sterilization, and cleaning.
  • Impact resistant walls.
CSA Z8000
  • Surface material shall be resistant to microbial spread and growth.
  • Minimum height of OR: 3.5 meters / 11.5 feet.
  • Floors shall be cleanable and maintainable without toxic stripping and finishing.
US Pharmacopeia - USP 797/800
The US Pharmacopeia - USP 797/800 also have many regulations which apply to ORs. While many of these overlap with the FGI guidelines, there are additional guidelines that must be addressed. USP guidelines are legally enforced on a state and federal level and failure to comply can lead to costly shutdowns.
  • Flooring cap should be avoided – smooth floor to wall transitions such as overlap or heat-weld methods are preferred
  • Preferably floors are overlaid with wide sheet vinyl flooring with heat-welded seams
  • Particle emission must meet ISO Class 5 and lower