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OR floors are consistently exposed to aggressive chemicals. Antiseptics such as Betadine®, Chlorasept™, Rifampin™, DuraPrep™ and Methylene Blue™ as well as industrial cleaners can cause havoc on many surfaces if allowed to sit. Therefore it’s critical to specify flooring that has high stain resistance in ORs.

  • Select finishes with cleaning technology
  • Specify appropriate colors
  • Use manufacturer recommended cleaners
  • Train cleaning staff
  • Critical stain areas should have dark insets
  • Apply a topical coating if needed

Color insets

Placing a camouflaging color inset around the operating room table, as a design element, or in other areas of high stain probability, can help reduce the appearance of stains caused by Betadine®. It can also be taken up and replaced without uplifting the rest of the floor.

Additional Stain Protection

Every OR is different as is every procedure. The multitude of chemicals used in these facilities make it hard to predict what will have an impact on the floors and walls. If stain resistance is a top concern, add an extra level of protection to the floor using the patented Marknomor™ product by Dr Schutz.  Marknomor must be applied by a trained applicator.

This product can be applied in the field after installation or onto a pre-cut shape at Altro’s facility in advance. When properly coated, Marknomor™ will make the floor impervious to most staining agents including Betadine.

Marknomor™ is available in both satin and matte finishes and can have slip-resistance added as necessary.