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Operating Rooms Cleaning And Maintenance

Disinfecting versus cleaning

It is a common misconception that disinfecting is the same as cleaning. Differentiating and executing the two properly is important to ensure a healthy, clean operating room.

A dried-on disinfectant residue or film, with all of the bugs it has killed, may make a floor or wall surface sticky. This can attract additional soiling and lead to discoloring or chemically damage the surface it is left on.

Proper care is essential to ensure floor and wall products perform as intended. It is fundamental that facility teams understand it is just as important to clean the operating rooms as it is to disinfect them.

Floor and wall maintenance

Routine maintenance is the key to keeping Altro floor and wall products in peak condition throughout their lifetime.

After consulting with hospital facility teams, Altro developed detailed instructions on proper care and cleaning techniques in hygienic areas. The focus is to implement a consistent and effective cleaning procedure that keeps the operating room hygienic and pristine. This results in lower maintenance costs over the lifetime of the product.

For more information please refer to our operating room cleaning overview or ask your sales representative.