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Integrated floor and wall solution

It’s an integrated floor and wall solution, which means it fits together perfectly to provide a hygienic, watertight surface — ideal for designing a sterile field. This doesn’t just offer the best possible protection against bacteria and contamination; it makes cleaning easy too.

Easy to keep clean
Together, our products provide a robust, hard-wearing surface that resists stains, odors and chemicals. PVC is non-porous, non-shedding, and has very high impact resistance, preventing damage that can trap bacteria compared to traditional surfaces.

Fully sealed
Altro Whiterock is a fully-bonded system with hygienic sealed edges, abutments and joints. It can even be sealed around fixtures and fittings. When joined together with Altro flooring, they form a watertight covering - from floor to ceiling.

Because our wall panels can be molded around corners on-site, they form an uninterrupted surface that’s resistant to impact and damage. There’s no need for unsightly corner trims which can form potential dirt traps that are difficult to access and clean.

Joint forces
Joints and junctions are a key part of system integrity. For instance, did you know that traditional flooring cap trims used with resilient flooring forms a ledge that is not USP 797/800 compliant?

While we have multiple joining methods, in hygienic areas Altro recommends heat welding for all wall joints and overlapping at the wall to floor transition.