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Altro floors and walls are easy to clean and maintain, helping to prevent healthcare associated infections (HAIs) and cross-infection between patients. With the ability to thoroughly clean each space without cracks, gaps and grout harboring bacteria and other harmful microorganisms, our interior solutions can help reduce the spread of infection. They are ideal where hygiene is paramount, including in-house laboratories, pharmacies and operating suites.

Inherently hygienic surfaces

Growing evidence has shown that antimicrobial additives can actually create more harm than good long- term for both human health as well as the environment. In addition to pollution concerns, prolonged exposure to an antimicrobial additive or ingredient can prompt dangerous mutations in bacteria and viruses. To learn more, see our brochure Separating fact from fiction: biocides. 

As a result, inherently hygienic materials such as vinyl have become the preferred alternative when considering interior finishes. Altro floor and wall products are free of antimicrobial additives, and our vinyl floors and walls help promote patient safety without detrimental impact over time. For more information, view our Crucial cleanability for healthcare environments whitepaper.
Altro Wood installed