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Hospital environments are designed to heal.  Supporting both physical and mental health needs in clinical environments can be challenging—Altro can work with you to select the best floor and wall surfaces for even the most complex requirements and a broad array of needs.  

Altro Whiterock walls panels, combined with Altro floors, create an impervious and easy-to-clean system that meets the hygienic requirements of even the most critical care environments— with an extensive color palette, we can help make a welcoming and aesthetically pleasing environment whether your goals are to soothe or stimulate.  Altro Orchestra and Altro Wood Comfort provide comfort underfoot, and Altro Serenade provides 19dB sound reduction to alleviate stress caused by excessive noise.

For areas such as operating rooms, recovery rooms and patient rooms, our interior finishes in calm and neutral shades can help ease stress and speed up the recovery process.  They can be coved and fully adhered to meet infection control guidelines.  For areas such as physical therapy rooms, activity rooms, dining rooms and common areas, a bold color palette can be used to create a warm and stimulating atmosphere.  

To help you choose the right floors and walls for each area of a hospital, the Altro Product Selector offers guidance in an instant.  See how your product choices would look with our 3D Space Visualizer

Altro Wood installed