Hospital flooring and walls


Altro hospital flooring and wall cladding provide hygiene and safety with long-lasting resilience in the most demanding healthcare environments. And more; they’re good looking too and will retain their looks for life. So once you create a beautiful, calming interior for your patients, residents and staff, you know they’ll enjoy it for years to come. Our products are sustainable and can easily cope with the demands placed on them by heavy pedestrian and wheeled traffic. For more specialist applications, we have developed specific solutions with industry experts which enhance wellbeing.

Altro hospital flooring takes pride of place in any care home or hospital design scheme. It offers a watertight, impervious system, making it ideal for wet rooms including bathrooms, barrier-free shower rooms and catering areas.

Altro has developed a range of resilient flooring to live up to your sense of style, without compromising on performance. It is ideal for areas such as receptions, foyers, visiting areas, patient treatment rooms, corridors, communal rooms and bedrooms in care homes; areas where the need for slip resistance, hygiene, durability and comfort is paramount.

Suggested products


Patient rooms

Create a soothing, home-like environment that is easily cleaned, has low maintenance requirements and is highly durable. Researchers have shown a correlation between patient recovery time and the use of interior finishes in patient rooms that allow occupants to feel as if they were at home in their own beds.

  • Maintain underfoot safety without compromising style or beauty
  • Low VOCs for better air quality
  • Extensive wood-look product lines to evoke a warm and calm setting

Operating rooms

The recent trends in healthcare have changed the needs of today's operating rooms. Infection control, stain resistance and durability are the main concerns in procedure areas where the strictist hygienic standards are employed. Altro flooring and walling offer an impervious system to inhibit the growth of bacteria and microorganisms from floor to celing.

  • Revolutionary Altro Easyclean is independently proven to offer industry-leading cleanability and resistance to staining
  • Altro floors stand up to heavy rolling loads and large equipment commonly seen in modern hybrid operating rooms


Hospital laboratory interiors are constantly exposed to a variety of chemicals and staining agents. Altro flooring and walling is manufactured to outperform the competition in these environments. We rigorously test our products against common staining agents to provide our customers with independent test results.

Hallways, corridors and general circulation areas

Hallways and corridors can be the busiest areas of a hospital. With constant traffic the interior flooring and walling finishes must be durable and able to withstand all types of traffic. Medical equipment, gurneys, wheelchairs all put stress on the floor but hospital staff are able to rest easy knowing Altro offers interior finishes able to withstand the continuous abuse.

  • Durable flooring options available in both tile and sheet goods
  • Altro Whiterock is highly impact resistant standing up against damage inflicted from carts or other forms of wheeled traffic
  • Easy transition options from corridor to hospital room

Showers and bathing areas

Wet areas have specific requirements for floor and wall products. They must be seamless, monolithic and impervious to water. Altro's integrated floor and wall system offer the perfect solution for these areas within your healthcare facility.


Heavy-duty sheet flooring designed to provide superior slip resistance in areas that may become greasy or are susceptible to spilling. Altro offers a total kitchen solution through products, accessories, knowledge and over 50 years of experience installing Altro products in kitchens.  

  • Avoid slips and falls in these busy areas with Altro safety flooring
  • Clamping drains utilized to run flooring into the drain and eliminate the risk of moisture penetration in the subfloor
  • Altro offers detail diagrams and CAD files to assist the installation team throughout construction
  • Please find additional information on kitchen installations on our Commercial Kitchens page