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Panel to panel heat weld
Altro Whiterock wall panels can be heatwelded together. This bond is extremely difficult to remove via gradual picking and is incapable of repurposing for acts of aggression or self-harm once damaged.

Tamper-resistant, one-part connectors
An alternative to heat welding, one-part joint strips securely bond Altro wall panels together. Installed beneath the panels and sealed with security sealant, this accessory cannot be forcibly removed.

Recessed shower fixtures
To reduce potential ligature points it is important that shower fixtures such as shower heads and valves are properly recessed into the wall to prevent tampering or risk of self harm. Great care must be taken when selecting appropriate fixtures for this environment as conventional options are not suitable.

Altro Whiterock Recessed Shelf
These shower units offer the same hygienic benefits as Altro Whiterock wall panels.
They are installed flush into the wall panel and heat-welded to ensure there are no ledges or lips to pick at. This makes the system tamper-resistant and free of potential ligature points.
Altro Whiterock heatweld in progress