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Altro Aquarius in a shower room
Monolithic flooring
Altro sheet vinyl flooring is heat-welded together to create a virtually seamless, water-tight,
monolithic surface. This allows for the entire bathroom to be one floor and eliminates potential ligature points.

Integral flash cove
Guidelines prohibit the use of conventional vinyl and rubber wall base as these can be removed and weaponized. Altro flooring utilizes an integral cove base behind the flooring so it cannot be accessed or tampered with.

Flooring heat welds
A heat weld is the required method of seaming sheets together to create a hygienic, impermeable seal in mental health facilities. This bond is extremely difficult to remove via gradual picking and is incapable of repurposing for acts of aggression or self-harm once damaged.

Two-part polyurethane adhesive
Altro flooring and wall cladding can be installed with two-part polyurethane adhesive. When cured, these hard set adhesives are water-resistant and rock solid, making removal of the floor or wall panel nearly impossible.

Tamper-proof clamping drains
Tamper-proof clamping drains are an essential fixture in BMH bathrooms and shower areas. Secured with tamper-proof screws that can only be loosened via the corresponding specialty tool or removing the screw heads completely, these drains prevent misuse in low-supervision environments. The drain cover is designed with an internal gusset system to prevent ligature points.