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Evidence-based design studies support that the use of realistic and natural art can be beneficial in BMH facilities. Access to nature and natural images can provide a positive distraction which can have a therapeutic healing effect as well as reduce patient anxiety and agitation.

The correct and careful use of imagery cannot be understated. What may seem pleasant and peaceful to one individual could be alarming to another. Experience has shown that close-up imagery of natural images is better in these environments than scenic landscapes.

For example, a forest might appear calming to most, but to some it may invoke a sense of uncertainty and fear. Instead consider using images such as leaves, trees, flowers, etc. These offer the same natural benefits and provide less room for interpretation.

Key considerations
  • Natural imagery preferred over abstract art
  • Close-up pictures of plants and animals preferred to landscapes
  • Consider the effect of color carefully when selecting imagery
  • Avoid color combinations that could contribute to visual misperception
Altro Whiterock Digiclad installed