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BMH facilities present a unique set of challenges found nowhere else in the healthcare industry. As a specifier, there is a great deal of responsibility placed on you to ensure the facilities you design are safe for patients, staff and visitors as well. Facilities should appear as comfortable, attractive and residential as possible while also preventing patients from potentially harming themselves or their caregivers.

The Facility Guidelines Institute (FGI) has established recommendations for designing mental healthcare facilities.

Per the FGI, flooring and wall cladding used in these facilities must be the following:

Room fixtures and hardware should be specifically designed to prevent the attachment of ligatures in order to protect patients from inflicting self-harm.

No flooring cap
For safety reasons, plastic or metal flooring caps shall not be used, even in wet areas.

Patients must not be able to pick or remove transition strips between different finishes where floors and walls meet.

Walls should be capable of enduring heavy impact without cracking or splintering to create potential health hazards.

Water-resistant / cleanable
Flooring shall be unaffected by wet cleaning, germicides and other types of cleaning solutions.

Comfort underfoot
Floors should provide support underfoot to create a comfortable standing surface for
long durations.

Floors should resist staining from common contaminants and medical-grade cleaning products.

Floors should have adequate slip resistance to prevent slip and fall accidents among patients and staff.
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