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Research from the National Institute of Mental Health shows that mental illness is an increasingly common issue nationwide, affecting tens of millions of people each year. Given the societal stigma surrounding this condition, estimates suggest that only half of these individuals receive proper treatment. This correlates with rising substance abuse figures, suggesting that illicit drugs, particularly opioids, are becoming a means of alleviating symptoms of an existing mental condition. 

As the need for treatment grows, so does the need for specialized interior finishes to support these areas.  Behavioral and mental health (BMH) facilities require solutions that can facilitate treatment while prioritizing the safety and security of patients, visitors, and staff. Materials specified for these spaces must adhere to stringent guidelines and involve very specific detailing techniques. 

Whether you are designing a new facility, building a new wing, or renovating an existing space, Altro has floor and wall solutions to help you create environments that promote healing, prevent harm, and foster security.