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Education flooring and wall solutions


Flooring for schools, colleges and universities

We believe that learning environments are some of the most important places there are and the way they function is just as important as the way they look. Schools, colleges and universities need inspiring, durable, attractive and hygienic wall and flooring products that can cope with the demands of growing up; cater for the creativity of the classroom and withstand the attention of everyone who uses the space, year after year.

We understand just how important the right environments are for successful learning, which is why our products are designed to deliver safety and stimulation in equal measure.

Altro is a perfect fit for these areas because our products offer:

  • Long-term durability
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Impressive value
  • Safety and hygiene
  • On-trend color palettes

Learn about our 1 hour CEU course: Designing for Education

Color and design

Ask a teacher what influences learning and you’ll hear teaching methods, how students learn differently, outside influences and the school’s curriculum. Chances are they won’t mention classroom finishes, such as the color of the flooring.

Inherent in everything we do and see, color influences every day life through our productivity, communication and emotion.

Emotions brought about by color can influence a student’s work or study habits. Studies show a direct link between color and feelings, certain colors promoting positive and others negative. The right color helps denote a room’s purpose - relaxation, studying, collaboration, test-taking and more.

When it comes to flooring color selection, there is no silver bullet. Looking at the effects of color and translating that into the learning space’s purpose can serve as a guide on what colors fit where.

STEM’s influence on classroom design

The best architects and designers of K-12 science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) spaces today, understand what real-life STEM programs entail. STEM classrooms must be adaptable, flexible, mobile and ergonomic. The same room can be a teaching lab, a team based learning classroom, a computer lab, a lecture classroom and/or a student project workroom.

STEM classrooms are used for a changing learning curriculum, the spaces have to be adaptable, durable, easy to maintain and support many activities.

STEM's impact on school flooring and wall cladding

  • Durability to withstand moving furniture/caster wheels
  • Resistance to chemicals and staining
  • Low maintenance, easy to maintain products
  • Impact resistant walls

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