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Elite Partner Program

Elite Partner Program

Altro Whiterock Elite Partner 

How many manufacturers have invited you to work together and build your business with unique, proven plans? Our partnership aligns you with key market sectors and opens your business to a world of support.

Altro doesn’t make commodity products - we make products that are fit for purpose and designed for demanding environments. By partnering with Altro you will have premium access to our portfolio of specialized products like safety flooring and hygienic wall cladding.

Family owned and run, we share family values; we care about you, each other and what we do.

What’s in it for your business?

The Altro Elite Partner Program is all about working together to add value to your business delivering unique long-term solutions to your customers. There are many benefits to being an elite partner:
  1. Long-term repeat business
  2. Limited competition
  3. Solutions that work for your customers
  4. Unique selling techniques focusing on value, not price
  5. Hard evidence of success and proven routes to market
  6. Make more profit with the same margins
  7. Continued support from Altro - we’re an extra sales person for you
  8. Stand out from your competitors
  9. Our quality niche protects your business from industry downturns
  10. Key account management in partnership
  11. Ongoing income streams through maintenance program
  12. Use of the Elite Partner logo

Altro Whiterock yearly review and accreditation

As part of offering premium products and services, we also want to ensure the integrity of our partnerships and ensure brand protection for your company and ours.

As an Elite Partner we will meet with you once a year with the intention to review the business we are doing together and your accreditation. This review will be used to discuss current projects and feedback, as well as future plans. It will also be the opportunity to ensure the criteria for elite accreditation is being met.

The criteria for ongoing accreditation is as follows:

  1. A minimum of two employees who are trained and active Altro Whiterock installers.
  2. Complete a minimum of 2 Altro Whiterock projects installing a minimumof 20 panels in a calendar year.
  3. Workmanship inspection of at least one recent installation including welding and thermoforming abilities. To be completed by an Altro Technical or Sales Representative and signed off by Altro.
  4. Routinely follows Altro’s installation guide including use of correct installation methods and accessories.
  5. Supports Altro Whiterock specifications and works with us in promoting Altro Whiterock to end user customer bases.
If no Altro Whiterock work has been completed in a calendar year, retraining of two installers, in one of our three training centers, will be required to continue accreditation.

If any of the criteria is not met accreditation may not be renewed, however the following action can be taken to ensure accreditation can be retained:If workmanship is sub-par a refresher course will be required and offered at one of our three Altro training facilities.
  1. Shorter heat welding and thermoforming classes will be made available should issues be identified in quality workmanship of these finishing details.
  2. If project work is imminent after the calendar year passes with no sales, accreditation may be retained by completing a refresher installation course and hitting agreed targets for sales.
  3. If previously trained installers are no longer employed, two new installers must attend a three-day training class in one of our Altro training centers.